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Office for Access & Opportunity

Learn more about the Office for Access & Opportunity

In the spirit of Washington State University's land-grant focus to provide access to higher education for all our state’s citizens, WSU’s Office for Access and Opportunity proudly hosts several outreach and comprehensive support services programs to assist first-generation, low-income or otherwise underrepresented students in higher education, including students with disabilities and undocumented family backgrounds. Learn more about the Office for Access and Opportunity here. 

Overview of Our Programs

Staff in the Office for Access and Opportunity are here to help improve the transition, persistence, and graduation outcomes in a dynamic environment for a diverse student population by providing academic support and creating a caring and engaged community. Programs in the Office for Access and Opportunity  represent a coordinated, diversified and comprehensive set of student services including peer and faculty mentoring, free tutoring, career and financial aid guidance, and evidence-based, culturally-sensitive best practices that can both assist and inspire capable students, no matter what their background. Click here to learn more about our programs.