Daniela   Carvajal-Macias

Daniela Carvajal-Macias

Recruiter & Outreach Specialist, College Assistance Migrant Program

Daniela is a first-generation college graduate from Washington State University with her bachelor's degree in Political Science with a double minor in Woman Studies and Spanish. During her undergraduate. Daniela was a part of WSU CAMP and TRIO SSS. Along with being involved in a variety of student organizations; MECHA, APASC, BSU, Pre-Law Society, Crimson Group, and Mariposas Poderosas. Daniela is originally from Wenatchee, Washington, where her family currently resides. She is excited to be the recruiter for CAMP and being able to connect with students from all over the state. As a previous, WSU CAMP student herself and knowing how much it helped her, she wants to be able to reach out to those students who would benefit from CAMP. She enjoys being outside with her dogs, spending time with her family, and reading.